This is for my Great Grandad, who was killed in action in 1917 x

Amy (Somerset)

I can only wonder what would have been were it not for those who gave it their all ?

George Barham (Epping)

With pride and sorrow my Grandpa Edward Marshall, Yorks Lancs Rgmnt, killed in action 21 8 1915, in the ccause of freedom.

Joan Marshall (Lincolnshire UK)

Grandad Freddie you were so brave, your grandson (my husband) David always tells me all the war stories you told him. If only I could have met you. xoxo

Paula Harris (Kent)

Just a simple "thank you" to those brave lads who gave their lives for our freedom. Never forgotten...

Mike Doughty (Wales)

Edward received the Military Medal for bravery, he is commemorated on the Nieuport Memorial in Belgium. His 2 bothers also died. I will always remember them.

Edward Wilkinson (Sussex)

My daughter will never meet anyone who can remember the war, and even maybe even the Second World War too. It's important we take time to remember as a nation.

Rob (Edinburgh)

This war marks the cost of nationalism. The unknown soldier is a symbol of a better world.

Freddie Crown (Brighton, UK)

En mémoire à tous ceux qui sont tombés, bons ou mauvais. Témoignons ensemble par le devoir de mémoire.

Jean-Vincent (Basècles (Belgique))

It is strange to part of a generation whose only experience of the war is through poetry and film...

Susan Lancaster (Surrey)

In memory of Lance Corporal William Noble. Joined at 16, injured on the Somme, killed in action Ypres October 1917.

Les Croft (Manchester)

To all those brave and fearless soldiers that fought to defend freedom and democracy.

Michael West (London)

Grandpa, Bert, fought on the Somme - so many of his colleagues perished in a terrible war. In memory of all the brave souls who fought for our freedom.

Elizabeth (Kent, UK)

Remembering Albert and Wilfred Clift KIA april and may 1917 Rouen and St Imoges R.I.P lads xx

sue robinson (newlyn cornwall)

In memory of my two great uncles, Charles Henry Coop and Frederick Joseph Donovan, who made the ultimate sacrifice. We will remember them...

Abby (UK)

Visiting the war cemeteries in primary school was one of my earliest and most poignant experiences.

Luke (London)

In honour of my great grandfather, who died from wounds 25 July 2016, and is buried in Hamel Military Cemetery. Remembered with pride from one of a very large group of his descendants today

Paula Weatherall Moore (UK)

A thought to all those whose lives have been affected by this and any war. The brave men and strong families behind them. All my love xxx

Hope (Essex)

Great Uncle George - St George's Day 1917 Fampoeux - Arras now in Brown's Copse. Last home Easter 1917 - 13 round the table.

Charles Stuart (Swindon)

Lest we forget

James (London)

R.I.P everyone who fought for us in ww1

doesn't matter (uk)

My grandparents lived through a tough time

Tom (Manchester)

May we never forget

Debbie (UK)

For William F Pearman. Died October 8th 1916 and is commemorated at Vis-en-Artois cemetery. Remembered with pride.

Jason Wells (Kings Lynn)

So that none forget the sacrifices and heroism. Tyranny will always be defeated!

Colin (SW London)

I owe my freedom in life to those who fought, and died to preserve our nation. Brave men and women I salute you all. Thank you.

Elaine (Cambridge)

My Grandpa was at the Somme. So many young men died, and we owe so much to them. God bless them all.

.ellie (Surrey)

To Robert KIRTLEY - my grandfather - born 1880, died of wounds 23rd December 1917 in the Somme (near Bapaume)

Jan Lawson (Washington)



we love you RIP

jhon (britan)

I will never forget my trip tp the memorials and battlefields it was a a shock not ashamed to say i wept my father fought in the 1st world war and was wounded .

dorothy ashton (lancashire)

With great gratitude for our freedom. May such a war never happen again.

Thomas Vaughan (London)

Dear My Great Man, found this picture the other day, just made me think of how brave you were. Although you didn't fight, your medical assistance saved a lot of lives. So thank you xx <3

Hope (Borehamwood, London)

I have made one visit to see the grave of my Great Uncle and the namoe of another on the Menin Gate. it was a trip like no other. I thank them and all the others who paid the ultimate sacrifice.

Greg K. (UK)

I had 2 great uncles that died in WW1. Aubrey Hamilton Wild and Ernest Spillett. May they rest in peace.

James Wild (United Kingdom)

Charles main, my great uncle, killed on 15th September 1916 at Trones Wood. He will not be forgotten

Ian Hutt (Amersham)

my distant relatives,served,and,were killed, for queen and country,during the 1st and second world wars

mr p a pigrm (east ham)

We will remember them. The boys who gave up everything to saveus, god bless them.

Charlie Granby (United Kingdom)

My grandfather, a Yorkshire man decided to join a scots regiment. He was killed at Vimy Ridge on the 2d of June 1916.

D Storah (Rugby)

Charles Mail, the great uncle I never knew killed at Trones Wood. A very brave man.

Ian Hutt (Amersham Bucks)

To my father Frederick Barnett Ox.Bucks.L.I. your legacy was worth it. A better world for us all.

john barnett (stafford)

We, the family that are here today owe so much to you and your comrades. Their loss is our loss inherited but your name lives on in your great nephew. God bless.

Carol (Liverpool)

Remembering my Great Uncle John Bartlett Cooper killed on his 19th birthday 09.10.1916

Marilyn (Maidstone Kent)

Thoughts of the Uncles we never knew Alfred and William England but you will always be remembered Tricia Carol Wendy

Carol Dodson nee England (Crawley)

To all in my family and all the other families worldwide who died. RIP

Deborah Webb (London)

Remembering my Great Uncle Percy Musker, regular soldier, who was killed 21.10.1914. whilst attacking with his younger brother Clifford by his side.

Marilyn (Maidstone Kent)

Great Uncle Williams blowers, died in France in 1916

janet pitman (Isle of Wight)

in loving memory of the three members of my family who died in the Great War: Albert, Jimmy and Gabriel. Never forgotten.

Chris Baker (Leamington Spa)

they all risks their live for our country

kaleigh (school)

remembering arthur millen aged 19 who gave his life for his country in 1915

alan affleck (london)

never forgotten

paul smith (dorset)

to all the soldiers who have fallen in the line of duty

British Army (Manchester Swinton)

In memory of Dad's uncle, Pilot Officer James Henderson killed 12th march 1943 at La Malmaison, Aisne whose grave i recently found.

Catherine Noble (Girvan, Scotland)

RIP all who died in the war

Dom Mason (Ipswich)

remembering robert monk who was murdered by the japanese in 1942 in burma

jenny monk (london)

To a dear and brave uncle who gave his life in the Great War for our freedom.

Charles Francis Dudley (Cromer, norfolk)

To my father OX Bucks L.I. 1916. It was not in vain. A better world for your sacrifice. John

feo barnett (stafford)

it so sad to loose so many relitives

Jordane (school)

to my great grandfather Henry George Sutherland died 20/05/1916 and buried in Sangatte, calais.

tracey bedford (norwich, england)

R.I.P tp all those who died :"( so sad, p.s hi jordane :)

charlotte (schoooolll)

we will never forget the as long as we are english

chris (england)

Just to remember my gradfather. Frederick Mear, who died near Poperinghe in July 1916, who is buried at the Poperinghe War Cemetary

Jackie Rolston (U.K)

Remembered always...

Steven Booth (UK)

In 2011 i made a trip to see my great grandads grave. It was a trip like no other he will not be forgotten like so many he paid the ultimate sacrifice

peter riggall (bradford)

may we always remember these brave souls who gave so much for our nation

pat (scotland)

Wish your story could have been passed down through the family Jesse Hill

Jane roberts (Batley)

Thanks for your courage. We will never forget you. Merci

Delahay F (Wavrin)

for pépé Florent who spent 4 years in the belgian trenchees en was wounded twice remember

anita (belgium)

Serbia remembers its sons and daughters.

Dejan (Belgrade, Serbia)

we all owe them so much, for those gone and still serving

graham (dunbeath scotland)

just remember.

allard bruno (marquain belgium)

To Gunner George Hounslow, Etaples cemetery and all who lie with him. Lest we forget.

Diane Hounslow (Pas-de-calais)

In memory of my Great uncle Lewis Watkins, who died in Belgium in 1917 aged just 25. He sacrificed his future for ours. We will not forget.

Caroline (Australia)

to my grandfather who by the grce of God, made it out of that hell, my prayers are with his pals who never made it back, you gave your today so I could have my tomorrow.

Brian (Dublin, Ireland)

Lest we forget may you all be forever remembered for everything you have done.

Teneeka (australia)

thankyou for the commitment you have all provided and we are proud of you. i will never forget, and i love you grandad.

Rocket (australia)

to my great great grandfather John Bryne, I never knew u but i heard u wear very brave, love, your great great great granddaughter.Abbie aged 10 xxxxx

Abbie (Ireland)

proud of you dad, and all veterans, 11/11 is your special day.

Dorothy (australia)

To my grandparents who lived in a village in the somme which was destroyed in the 1st then in the 2d to their resilience.

Severine (Martinpuich somme)

so many brave men who did not come home!

william paterson (scotland)

To All those Men & woman and Animals who lost their lives in WW1-2. Thank you may yourest in peace x

Helen Kentish-barnes (YORK)

My Granny's parents fled from Oostduinkerke to Neuville-sous-Montreuil during WW1. We leed the lifes we will live today because of this. Staying in Belgium was no option. Thank you!

-- (--)

Let them be in memory for ever...

Jan Alex Leys (Herentals België)

What happened to you great, great grandfather ? You were listed and missing and we never knew if you died or survived. We love you.

Veronika (Pizen)




Gilbert Davies (PETERCHURCH)

To my dear Father Peter Holmes, you will never dbe forgotten. The dead continue to live on in our memories.

Henry Holmes (Bristol)

To My brother. Your love for life was so pure. Still love you brother.

Daisy Perry (Horsham)

a big thought for our liberators they defended the freedom of our country

Sanfourche (Isle)

Deze poppy voor een zoon, een broer, een vader gesneuveld in die afschuwelijke grote oorlog.

de jAEGHERE Myriam (Overijse België)

In memory of my Uncle, Charles Thomas Bell who was killed in action on 13/07/1915 aged 19

Paul Small (Englend)

Paix est trésor qu'on ne peut trop louer, je hais guerre point ne doit la priser. Charles d'Orléans.

Christophe (Azincourt)

my two uncles who gave their lives in ww1 for our freedom. hugs for you both. wish I could have met you

anne pasquali (derby)

Si jeune, si jeune ...

Lynn Mitchell (Derby UK)

In Memory of LCP James Muir 6th BTL HLI DOW 24/8/1918

Catherine Muir Davidson (Australia)

Thank you for saving Canada and for my freedom. And I will remember the soldiers that lived and died.

Jake haas (la Scie)

Thank you very much for making our world a better place and keeping our island safe thank you for risking your life for us. thank you soldiers

Hayley Andrews (La Scie Newfoundland)

I thank you for giving peace to Newfoundland.

Tommy (La Scie)

thank you for keeping our island safe and thank you for peace

adam starks (nippers harbour)

My great uncle Eli served in the war. Every year, when I was a teenagers, I had the privilege of selling poppies for him. I looked forward to this event every year.

Lisa Marin (La Scie)

Thank you for protecting Canada

Ethan (Horbour round)

We are thankful for our freedom. We shall remember the soldiers that kept our land safe.

Grade 5 Hillside Elementary (La Scie Newfoundland and Labrador)

Thank you for keeping our island safe and peaceful

Dawson (La Scie)

Thank you for keeping Canada safe and taking up your time that you would be spending with your family to keep Canada safe.

Jessie (La Scie NL)

Thank you for keeping us safe. Thank you for giving us freedom. I really appreciate that.

Mackenzie Matthews (Brent's Cove)

I would thank a soldier for keeping the world safe for kids so they can on the playground

mariss (Hr.round)

I would like to thank the soldiers and veteran's for looking after the world for us <3

Kylie Haas (Brent's Cove, Newfoundland)

dear veteran: I would like to thank you for risking your so we could have a peaceful nation.

jordan king (la scie, nl)

Thank you for fighting and risking your life for our great country. Again, thank you for going through that horror for our peace and freedom

Shawn (La Scie NL)

Hi. I am 11 and in grade 6. i would like to thank you for fighting in war for me and all of our fellow Canadians. I will remember you. make sure you say safe.

Gracie Morey (Hillside Elemtary)

I would like to thank all of the veterans for going to war so we could have peace and freedom in our country

Aaron Gillingham (La Scie NL)

dear soldier I want to thank you and all of the other soldiers for all you risked for us. I want you to know that you are really appreciated. thank you so much. STAY SAFE. Sincerely Alex corbett

Alex Corbett (La Scie NL)

dear veteran Thanks for leaving your homes and fighting for the peace in our country today sincerely

tommy foss (La Scie NL)

i thank you for risking your life to save our country. if you didn't fight for our country then we wouldn't have the freedom we have.

Haley Ryan (La Scie Newfoundland)

Dear veteran, thank you for all you do, for risking your life at war and keeping our country safe sincerely, Claudia warren grade6

claudia warren (La Scie)

Dear sloggers, I'd like to thank you for going to the war and risking your lives to save our lives and helping remember the ones that are gong to the war

daniel gray (La Scie NL)

Dear Soldier thank you for fighting in the war for us and world peace and you have a lot of respect. sincerely; Rachel Drover Gr.6

Rachel (Hillside Elemtary)

Dear Veteran, i am writing this to thank you for fighting for our country. You risk your life so we could have peace and we thank you.

Josh Critch (La Scie NL)

Dear veteran, I would like to thank you all that you have done to keep world peace in our country. you all put your lives before ours.

Martin Andrews (La Scie)

I lilke to thank you for doing everything that you do for the world. think you very much everyone. sincerely Amma dyer Gr.6

Emma (Hillside Elemtary)

Dear soldiers I'd like to thank you for going to the war and risking your lives to save our lives thank you

daniel gray (La Scie)

I am writing this to thank you for fighting for our country. You risk your life so all the people across the country could have peace. Thanks again for serving our country.

Josh Critch (Hillside Elemtary La Scie NL)

Great-great Uncle Charles, more than a name or number. A young outback Aussie who never returned. His story is part of history. Remembering all who fought for our freedom. Lest We Forget.

Terry Field (Australia)

Erin go bragh!

Louis (Madrid, Spain)

SGT WM M DUGUID: B.31 Aug 1892. Brown eyes & hair. 5' 9". Single. Joined Canadian Infantry, 27th Battalion, one of the first contingents sent to the frontlines, 6 Nov 1917: JIA in Passchendaele.

Judith Duguid (Toronto, ON CA)

En record de Pere Ferrés-Costa, patriota català, soldat de primera classe, abatut a la cota 140 del Front d'Artois.

Antoni Moga (Barcelona)

Reg Pocock RASC and Ernest Ashby RAMC. Not forgotten.

Nick Pocock (Cumbria)

In memory of the Groombridge and Morrison members of my family. Thank you.

Groombridge (Norwich)

In memory of JAMES EDWARD FORDHAM Guardsman 5836337 Age 21 Buried in Florence War Cemetery

The Fordham Family (Scotland)

In memory of all the brave mens and women taken whilst serving their country.

Mrs Chisholm (Scotland)

For my great grandfather... Pte Arthur Charles White... KIA 30 October 1917 at the Battle of Passchendaele

Denean Biemold (Edmonton, AB)

For Horace Meakin

Lynn (UK)

In memory of my great grand father

Coy (Canada)

We will never forget

Mac (Ontario)

I thank those that foght in the war for our freedom

Nova (Canada)

In memory of my Great Granbfather Pte Peter Friel, 6th Btln Royal Inniskilling Fusileers who was KIA on 17th October 1916.

Jason McGarrigle (Donegal, Ireland)

Remember those that gave their lives for us and are countrie

Kate (Ontario)

In memory of my grandfathers, my great-uncles - who served and did not all come home - and the many young, brave men whose lives were never the same again

Frances (Australia)

We will never forget those who fought.

Mason (Greenville Ontario canada)

In memory of William Haggett. Died of wounds Passedale 1917 aged 19. Lest we forget

Steve Haggett (Bristol United Kingdom)

They saved us so we can be in peace they will not be forgotten

Bob (ontario)

Remember the peope who gave their lives for our freedome

Coy (Canada)

My friend Mason died on November 9, 2015

Bill (Flint)

My grandpa was in the war he survived his friend didn't he will be missed

Ever (Ontario)

I remember child soldiers who didn't deserve to die

Ian (Ontario)

The present cherished

Gaelle (Calais)

To all the men and women who put their country before their lives. We honor them.

Ben and Frances (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)

Looking for him

Smith (UK)

With thanks. With love. With respect and eternal gratitude. You gave up your future so that I could have one...

Nicky Sarti (Northampton, UK)

For john william crone 1941 ypres from his loving sister martha alice crone xxxx

Julie coates (Newcastle upon tyne)

En mémoire de tout ceux et celles qui ont donné leur vie pour la liberté. Particulièrement Alfred Bélanger du 22ie bataillon Canadien Français tué à Chérisy le 28 août 1918. Je Me Souviens.

Daniel Bergeron (Canada)

To my Grandfather. R.I.P.

George Frederick Warwick (Houplin Ancoisne)

in memory of my great uncle, james morrison mccready who died 25/08/1918 and is buried at arneke cemetery pas de Calais. R.I.P.

james mcewan (kilwinning, scotland)

Killed in action February 19,1916

Michael Reardon (Calais)

To all those fallen in battle to preserve the freedoms we all enjoy. Thank you resisting and overcoming tyranny. Your sacrifices of yesterdays have given us today and the prospect of a brighter tomorrow. Love Rohan

Rohan Purohit (Leicester)

To My Grandad, Frederick George Pepper. Who I never knew. He lost his life shortly after the end of WW1, due to a Mustard Gas attack. He was a Mounted Medic, that served in both France and Belgium.


tous les ans avec nos frères bikers nous nous rendons sur les tombes de jeunes frères tombés pour notre liberté.

hitech (France)

For our Great Grandfather Andrew Rourke. Killed near Albert in WW1. Buried in Grove Town Cemetery.

Paul Bradford (Monflanquin)

For my Grandfather Bob Bradford. Fought with The Rifle Brigade at Calais in 1940. Forced to surrender, he was in captivity for the rest of the War.

Paul Bradford (Monflanquin)

I appreciate what soldiers have done for us.

Brooklyn (La Scie, NL)

Thank you, to all veterans past and present, for giving your service to our country. We appreciate all you have done and still do for us. You risked your life for our country. You stood strong and we are proud of your efforts.

Grade6(2019) (Hillside Elementary, La Scie, NL)

Mémorial virtuel

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